During my first year as an instructional technologist at O’Dowd, I spent numerous hours on the job Googling what my job was supposed to be. From topics like “What do instructional technologists do” to questions like “How do I delete submissions in Schoology?” or “Is this mole cancerous?, I learned how to select keywords to find answers needed in the moment. This skill, while precarious in nature, can be a great learning tool when used right.

Ms. Annette Counts, our librarian, spoke at a recent Googling training held at O’Dowd. Amazed by her skillfulness in teaching and passion learning, I followed up with her a couple weeks later:

Here are some things I learned:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For teachers:
Maybe you need a lesson idea, or you can’t figure out why Google Drive isn’t syncing, or you’re stuck on the road and need to change your tire – pull out some keywords (ex: “meiosis matching game”, “google drive not syncing”, “honda civic flat tire”) and plug them into Google. Need a presentation on mitosis? Search “high school mitosis filetype:ppt” for presentations already posted on the internet.

For students:
Use Google to build your understanding of how the world works. Don’t just use it to get by in class.

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