PowerSchool is a database that contains our school-wide student information system. Depending on your intended use, PowerSchool (also referred to as PowerTeacher when used by a teacher) is accessed through this website.

PowerSchool for New Teachers

As a teacher, you will primarily use these three features of the PowerTeacher website most frequently:

  • Official Gradebook (also called PowerTeacher Pro). You can find this yellow icon on your desktop. While there’s a gradebook in Schoology, PowerSchool is the official place for grades on record – not Schoology. For some, it may be easier to use the Schoology gradebook sync OR you may enter grades directly into PowerSchool.
  • Official Attendance. Attendance is taken within the first 10 minutes of class via PowerSchool for Teachers. When your class begins, click on the 1st chair icon to begin taking roll.
  • Access to Student Information. On occasion, you may need to find parent emails, student IEP plans, class schedules, and/or any other necessary demographic information. You can find this by going to PowerSchool for Teachers, then clicking on the backpack icon the far left.

Click here for comprehensive instructions on the PowerSchool Start-of-Term Guide for teachers.

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