Week 1 Goal: Delete

Don’t worry about where to you have to put everything. If you don’t need it anymore or have easy access, just delete. And make it a regular habit, too.

I had an eye-opening conversation with Science teacher, Karen Proehl about the art of Kondo-ing (decluttering and tidying) at our weekly EFF-It Party (effective file & folder). The author explains how most of us have much more than we need — and that only when we let go of an abundance of physical objects can we start to live more. The act of tidying up our spaces by letting go and changing the relationship with “stuff” you own is a parallel that reflects the relationship we have with our digital spaces as well. One reader describes organizing like this:

“If the item speaks to you, enjoy it. If it does not speak to you, donate it, return it, or give it to someone it will speak to.”

Yes, you have permission to get rid of whatever doesn’t bring value to your life. Do you:

  • Have a dozen copies of: “Missed Time Sheet (30).xlsx”?
  • Still have a broken file that doesn’t open: “~$Missed Time Sheet.xlsx”?
  • Bookmark sites that were cool at one point in time, but not anymore? Share it with another teacher.
  • Lose emails under emails of emails?
  • Have 12 photos of the same thing on your phone because you tapped the button too many times?

That being said, be mindful of what you get rid of, and ask yourself: When will I use this againWill I be able to easily obtain this file if I need it in the future? If the best option is to keep it, file it away in a logical folder where you can find it.

your laptop is invited to the (3)

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