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What have you been learning about this summer?Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.43.05 AM

The main focus of the USS Midway summer workshop was about World War II in the Pacific. We got daily tours of the ship so we saw the inner workings of an aircraft carrier, engine room, flight deck, combat operations, hangar deck, the bridge, the magazine, how planes are armed take off and land and then every plane in America’s “Cold War Arsenal” F-18s, A-6s, F-4s Intruders,  Phantoms, Hornets and Skyhawks…..really amazing stuff.

What teaching strategies did you learn?

The Atom Bomb presentation offered some good classroom activity ideas for students to:

  • Debate merits of an argument by voting-with-your-feet activity. This involves moving around the room taking positions in the debate by confronting moral dimensions such as FDR’s decision to use such weapons. Ex: “If you think the atomic bomb was justified, move to the right of the room. If not, move left.”
  • Stimulate student “morbid” curiosities. The speaker demonstrated a website that shows blast radius over a Google Map so you can simulate what would happen if a Hiroshima bomb, or Russian, American, North Korean missile hit Oakland.
  • Analyze historical impacts today. Tie history to economics policy and current events with the legacy of Japanese occupation and post-WWII political forces in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia.
  • Build timelines. This could focus on America’s campaign in the Pacific and Homefront

Are you or will you be involved in a professional development experience over Summer? Let us know!

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