T3 September_ Schoology (1)

O’Dowd Ed Tech Reps, Rita Yeh of the World Languages Department and Sara Rusche of the Science Department partnered up this month to explore and share some of the different ways they have been effectively using Schoology.

Amongst the discussions, some of their favorite tips and tricks included:

  • Checking for Completion & Accuracy. Similar to stamping work to check for completion, have students upload a picture of their work by a certain date to show that they have finished it. Rita provides two grades that have different category weights, one for completion and one for accuracy. At the beginning of the school year, she has to train students on how to take a good quality picture of work (i.e. adjusting lighting and increasing contrast if needed).
  • Peer Evaluation. Everyday, Rita selects a student to be the class leader. This leader is expected to write class activities on the board, hand out and collect worksheets, run class routines, and erase the board. She then uses Schoology polls to show
  • Managing Absences. You may be familiar with the required “Today in [Class]” Schoology event entry, which is designed to provide absent students with the lowdown of what occurred during class. In addition to posting this event on Schoology, Rita crafts a canned email response so she doesn’t have to retype the same email hundreds of times. For every student that is absent, she inserts a standardized “You-were-absent-so-here’s-what-you-should-do” email and pastes in the URL for the “Today in [Class]” Schoology event.
    Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 2.34.57 PM
  • Did your students forget to share that Google Doc with you again? The Google Drive Assignments feature in Schoology automatically makes a copy of a designated document, share is it between you and the student, and allows you to view student edits in real-time. One of Sara’s favorite features is its ability to embed rubrics into the same window, which makes for seamless grading abilities. While there are still some glitches that still have yet to be resolved, some teachers are really loving this option.
  • Schoology Assessments. There are numerous more question types you can include on the an assessment, especially for math teachers. In addition to the variety of question types (label image, ordering, highlight hotspot/image/text, number lines, charts, etc), some of the new features that our teachers love include the ability to expand the quiz full screen and test printing. One of the biggest complaints, however, is that teachers can no longer view quick snapshots of how students scored on each question 😦
Sara Rusche, Science Teacher, demonstrates how she uses Google Drive Assignments for students to track data on Google Sheets.

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