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What do I do in preparation for a Student Self Assessment?

At the beginning of each semester, I usually:

  1. Ask my students to fill out this form.
  2. Use Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), a quick way to send personalized emails to students using a Google Form, to respond to their initial form and welcome them to class.

But now that it’s the end of the semester, we’re going to get a little more mileage out of the initial data. I’ll use YAMM again, but this time I’ll send my students their initial responses so they can use them in filling out a Self-Assessment form. To close the loop, my students will use data from their self-assessments to choose a research question for their final projects.

What do I love about Student Self-Assessments?

I love using these assessments because they help students become more directive of their own learning. This process is a critical component in guiding the student’s final project in the course because they help a student devise a meaningful, compelling research question. I also love that I get to meet with students individually during class to go over their self-assessments.

Why do I use it?

Dominguez Instagram PostFirst, it encourages my students to become conscious of their learning. When faced with their August statements of what they had hoped to learn, they are able to see that – indeed – they often learned that and so much more. Sometimes students have listed something they had hoped to learn, but we didn’t cover it in class. This is a perfect indicator of what they might pursue for their final research project.

The assessment asks students to list their strongest products from class, almost all of which are stored digitally on Schoology, our learning management system. This helps students look back and see their work as a whole, remember how motivated they (usually!) were at the start of the semester, how perhaps their efforts dipped a bit in the middle, and – it is hoped! – be inspired about finishing in a strong manner.


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