T3 December

It’s the week before finals and our teachers feel:






T3 December_

At this month’s meeting, we had a brief round table to bring the high and low moments to light. In sharing this blog post, I hope that you – as a teacher – will find encouragement in hearing the voices of your colleagues and remember that while the teaching journey is not always glamorous, you are an invaluable portal for future generations to discover the beauty of learning and explore their personal interests.


  • Saying “no” and setting expectations and standards by being cut and dry about giving zeroes
  • Reflecting on learning with student self assessments
  • Adding more visuals to PowerPoint presentations
  • Building authentic relationships
  • Going to bed at 9pm
  • Not taking home my laptop
  • Attending a conference
  • Covering fewer topics for deeper and lasting learning
  • Utilizing the announcement feature on Schoology
  • Sharing curriculum activities and experiences with colleagues


  • Students that don’t know that they don’t know
  • Meeting the needs of a range of academic abilities
  • Going too fast on a unit
  • Disruptive students
  • Students with absences that fall behind

New Experiences:


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