Last year, a group of teachers gathered to share key differences between Mac and Windows laptops. As a 1:1 laptop school that uses both operating systems in the classroom, it can be helpful for teachers to have basic knowledge of both. This month, Donovan Rittenbach, O’Dowd’s Webmaster and Videographer, led a session to help laptop users become more proficient and efficient in their current operating system.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 11.33.56 AMAs adult learners, we may already have fixed ideas, patterns, and routines that already (kind of) work, and often may find it challenging to take up a new habit or practice. Donovan describes shortcuts as “something you have to use over and over again until they become unconscious. You have to use them and physically experience them.”

“It’s about working smart, not hard.”

I hope that from our compilation below, you may find a task that you regularly use, try it out, and decide if it works for you.

T3 Keyboard shortcuts (1)


For more advanced tricks, check out Donovan’s Power User Shortcut presentation:


Credit: Andragogy (Malcolm Knowles), transformational learning (Mezirow, 1990), experiential learning (David A. Kolb)

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