Flipgrid is a platform that allows students to discuss and respond to prompts through video forums.

Here are two ways I love to use Flipgrid in my classroom:

Big Project Check-Ins: I like to use it to have students record micro-steps toward creating a final project. In my online class, students create podcasts which include multi-step projects for which students need multiple days to complete.  Flipgrid provides a low-impact way for me to make sure students are staying on track with multi-day projects when there isn’t a product ready to share yet.


Ideas may include:

  • Documenting steps and plan for creating the podcast.
  • Checking in right before an interview
  • Recording themselves editing the podcast
  • Throwing out questions to the group about how to do something
  • Getting ideas to achieve another goal.

Engage with Twitter Reports: in Ethics & Media class, I’m always trying to have my students engage with media they normally wouldn’t. I had them create a Twitter account with their school emails and follow certain news outlets and ethical media accounts. Every so often, I have them scroll through their Twitter and do a live response on FlipGrid using terms we are focusing on in class. For example, “Scroll through your Twitter feed and name three values you see.” or “Scroll through your Twitter feed and look for types of privilege. Who is visible? Who is invisible?

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