Flipgrid for Engagement, Feedback, and Reflection

Flipgrid is a platform that allows students to discuss and respond to prompts through video forums. Here are two ways I love to use Flipgrid in my classroom: Big Project Check-Ins: I like to use it to have students record micro-steps toward creating a final project. In my online class, students create podcasts which include … Continue reading Flipgrid for Engagement, Feedback, and Reflection

30-Second Brain Breaks

I recently had my students come up with ideas for 30-second Brain Breaks using a lesson from PearDeck. It’s proven useful and fun!  Use PearDeck to walk students through these slides.  Collect the students’ ideas for Brain Breaks and paste them into a wheel like this. Throughout the semester, periodically embed the wheel into the lesson … Continue reading 30-Second Brain Breaks

Student Self-Assessments

What do I do in preparation for a Student Self Assessment? At the beginning of each semester, I usually: Ask my students to fill out this form. Use Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), a quick way to send personalized emails to students using a Google Form, to respond to their initial form and welcome them to class. … Continue reading Student Self-Assessments