Flipgrid for Engagement, Feedback, and Reflection

Flipgrid is a platform that allows students to discuss and respond to prompts through video forums. Here are two ways I love to use Flipgrid in my classroom: Big Project Check-Ins: I like to use it to have students record micro-steps toward creating a final project. In my online class, students create podcasts which include … Continue reading Flipgrid for Engagement, Feedback, and Reflection

30-Second Brain Breaks

I recently had my students come up with ideas for 30-second Brain Breaks using a lesson from PearDeck. It’s proven useful and fun!  Use PearDeck to walk students through these slides.  Collect the students’ ideas for Brain Breaks and paste them into a wheel like this. Throughout the semester, periodically embed the wheel into the lesson … Continue reading 30-Second Brain Breaks

T3 March: Iron Chef, a Modern Pseudo-Jigsaw

This month at The Teacher Table, Dr. Laura Witter led short and sweet PLC sessions on a jigsaw teaching strategy with a modern twist. What's the difference between a traditional jigsaw and a modern jigsaw? In a basic, traditional jigsaw activity, groups of students focus on specialized topics, then present to other groups. At the … Continue reading T3 March: Iron Chef, a Modern Pseudo-Jigsaw

T3 February: Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts for Teachers

Last year, a group of teachers gathered to share key differences between Mac and Windows laptops. As a 1:1 laptop school that uses both operating systems in the classroom, it can be helpful for teachers to have basic knowledge of both. This month, Donovan Rittenbach, O'Dowd's Webmaster and Videographer, led a session to help laptop users … Continue reading T3 February: Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts for Teachers

T3 December: Flips & Flops this Semester

It's the week before finals and our teachers feel: "Stressed." "Chill." "Overwhelmed." "Prepared." "Hungry." At this month's meeting, we had a brief round table to bring the high and low moments to light. In sharing this blog post, I hope that you - as a teacher - will find encouragement in hearing the voices of your … Continue reading T3 December: Flips & Flops this Semester

Student Self-Assessments

What do I do in preparation for a Student Self Assessment? At the beginning of each semester, I usually: Ask my students to fill out this form. Use Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), a quick way to send personalized emails to students using a Google Form, to respond to their initial form and welcome them to class. … Continue reading Student Self-Assessments

T3 October: Fun, Formative Assessments

Natalie Chilese of the World Languages Department presented on the various ways that she engages students in assessment, conversation starters, and discussion (without the correcting). Her excitement for PearDeck and Quizizz brought in a contagious breeze of curiosity, laughter, and honesty. What struck me the most was that...

Ed Tech Speaker Series: Fall 2018

In Spring & Summer 2018, our first cohort of Ed Tech Representatives attended various ed tech conferences, integrated the strategies they have learned, and have decided out what tools worked (or haven't worked) for them. Each of our representatives will be core contributors to the O'Dowd Ed Tech Speaker Series in conjunction with the Teacher … Continue reading Ed Tech Speaker Series: Fall 2018

T3 August: Mac vs. Windows

Teaching in a school that has a 1:1 laptop program poses its own unique challenges, not to mention a classroom of non-homogeneous operating systems (i.e. some students have Macs and some have Windows). While each type of system essentially completes similar tasks, each may have its own method of navigation, keyboard shortcuts, settings and more. … Continue reading T3 August: Mac vs. Windows